#FM17 | Reading FC | part XVII | How to stay interested in the save

Welcome everyone to the another part of my Football Manager 2017 save with Reading FC. As you may know I won the six trophies during the eighth season includin Premier League or Champions League. 

You can read all the previous parts of this save in this category on my blog so you can catch up with everything what happened so far.

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#FM17 | Reading FC | Danny Loader development

One of the reason why I started a save with Reading FC in FM17 was to play with young players who are in the club at the start of the game. Jordan Obita, Dominic Samuel, Liam Kelly, Jake Cooper or Danny Loader.

And the last one made very good progress during the first five years with this save as he became the best Premier League goalscorer of the last season I played so far. Continue reading

FM Guide: Youth Intake

In most of my games in Football Manager I try to play with young players. In the last five editions of FM none of my teams had an average age of more than 22 years. An important part of these games is Youth Intake, thus recruiting young players. When playing in the lower leagues for small clubs is currently recruiting young players is one of the key ways to possibly get money for selling them.

The main difference between the generated new players is their potential, which decides whether they have a chance to push your team. Furthermore, it is an integral part of your device training and youth facilities.

This article is focused on the five most important aspects that can affect your recruiting new players. Continue reading